It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Dads Funeral will not be what we expected it to be.

The funeral will go ahead – but with vastly reduced numbers. The number today is still under discussion. This could be as low as 6. This is based on what we are told is “sensible”. We are looking at alternative methods (video or streaming) for people who will not be able to attend.

Given the current guidelines we have chosen to cancel the wake entirely. We believe that is the sensible thing to do, given the gravity of the situation out there at this moment regarding coronavirus. The sheer amount of people attending scared me a little bit. And I know, collectively we don’t want anyone of all those people to be put at risk.

All of our energy and effort this far will not be wasted. Friends and family, acquaintances and coworkers, people who donated, texted, and supported us so far, we are looking forward to coming up with something, a party, a fundraiser, a real proper event in honour of my Dad.

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